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KQGIS 3D System

  KQGIS 3D System is a self-developed 3D modeling and management system, which grants users insightful view with integrated and unified 2D and 3D display.
1).Brief Introduction:Based on C/S and B/S structural patterns
Models indoor-and-outdoor, and ground-and-underground integrated management
FOUR in one system: data, software, service, and applications
Standard plug-in and Javascript, Python, Lua etc. API
Multi-field applications: land resources, surveying and mapping, agriculture and forestry, real estate, water conservancy, smart city
2).Main Advantages:
Seamless transition to 3D GIS from 2D GIS desktop system
High-performance 3D spatial database storage and management technology
High-performance big data scheduling visualization technology
SOAP protocol parse and transfer on the basis of flow pattern
HTTP protocol binary stream transfer and data parse
3).System Highlights:
2D & 3D Integration:
2D &3D integration ensures 3D data precision and the uniformity of spatial location and attribute information
3D data automatic updating mechanism

4).3D Scene Publishing and 3D Web Service:
Convenient 3D GIS service publishing, querying and analysis
Compatible with 2D web services in 3D scene, no extra map tiling and publishing

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