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Integrated Business Platform


All portals are constructed in modules with unified interface and seamless connection, and their functions can be infinitely extended as required;
the portals can be modified, extended and customized according to actual construction needs, thus realizes personalized application; visual
document and website template editing in order to achieve content management. 

Service Bus


Coordinated operation among workflow, GIS application services, data exchange realizes communication and integration among different services and eliminates technical differences in various applications.

Integrated GIS Service

Taking database as the core, Integrated Business Platform publishes data and functional components to information service bus by means of multiple integrated interfaces. It supports database management application, business system application, comprehensive supervision application and public service application to call data resources. In the specific business application, the platform is displayed in multiple patterns such as integration of graphics and texts, information query and statistics charts etc.

Data Exchange Service


The exchange will be proposed to build standardized process of collection, conversion and transfer, thus achieves point-to-point, task-driven data exchange. 

Workflow Service


The workflow platform can conduct operational definition of resource allocation, business rules, graphics and attribute data, which can realize personnel customization, business customization, data management and maintenance, template customization, auxiliary business office customization, business and management database connection. Through the platform, users can flexibly establish different office systems without writing any complex program code, which is easy for use.

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