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KQ UAV Integrated Mapping Software


KQ UAV Integrated Mapping Software is a highly automatic UAV RS data processing platform specially designed for UAV RS data. It achieves
rapid processing of UAV RS data and produces high-accuracy surveying and mapping products such as DOM, DSM, DEM, DLG etc., which
perfectly solves the problems of aerial triangulation and automatic production of UAV aeronautical data.


KQ Lidar Data Processing Software


KQ Lidar Data Processing Software is an automatic processing system designed for 3D laser point cloud data, whose functions include display and roaming
of massive point cloud data, point cloud data editing and categorization, DSM/DEM/3D model production and so on. 



KQ Satellite Data Processing Software

KQ Automatic Image Adjustment Software is satellite data processing software designed for satellite images in all resolutions. This software
is applicable for: automatic ortho-rectification of L1 level satellite images with orbital parameter file and automatic registration of L2 level
images with projection coordinates; all kinds of domestic and imported sensors; batch processing; loading of any number, scale and projection
of source data, reference data and DEM; automatic matching among images in different phases and different resolutions. This software offers:
convenient interactive point location editing tools; various correction methods to meet the requirements of different data sources.

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