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Our Philosophy

  • DDevelopment is embodied in everyone’s daily working KQ GEO and has already become the main theme of the company. Global business, first-class clients and outstanding partners provide us with multiple learning opportunities.
  • SSupport is the most important responsibility of a family and a team. We devote ourselves in assisting and supporting every staff to improve themselves. Meanwhile we demand everybody to help anyone in need in KQ GEO. The healthy growth of KQ GEO depends on everyone’s efforts. To support KQ GEO is to support yourself.
  • EAll men are equal before knowledge. The cozy working environment that KQ GEO created is to encourage everyone to freely express their ideas and thoughts and give full scope to everyone’s specialty.
  • JThe fast growth path designed by KQ GEO is consisted of challenges and joy. More challenges mean more passions, more passions mean more achievements and more achievements indicates more joy. In KQ GEO, you can get wider horizon, discover more charm and enjoy more happiness.
  • IInnovation is the key factor for a company to keep active and energetic. KQ GEO is always trying to build an innovation-oriented team. We encourage everyone to put forward their ideas and break the restrictions of traditional thoughts so as to truly realize the company’s creed: to develop by innovation and to benefit people through development.
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