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  • 2015

    Our company undertook the project of “All Regulations in One” pilot construction in Yulin, Shaanxi.
    Our company entered the field of real estate integrated registration; successfully won the bid of provincial project of Real Estate Registration Information Platform Construction in Anhui; carried out the nationwide real estate registration informatization construction and assisted Gongqingcheng city (Jiangxi), Chuzhou city (Anhui), Suizhou city (Hubei) etc. with their issuance of the first certificate of real estate integrated registration.
  • 2014

    In January, KQ GIS Platform won the outstanding award of 2013 Beijing Enterprise Evaluation Association Science and Technology Innovation Award.
    In July, our company was invited to the Second Land Name Survey Training Conference in Chongqing, which indicated our company has entered the era of land name survey informatization construction.
    In November, our company obtained the Class-A Qualification of Land Use Planning.
  • 2013

    KQ GIS Platform and KQ Business Platform Integrated with Graphics and Texts have respectively won the first prize and second prize of 2013 Chinas Geographic Information Science and Technology Progress Prize;
    In May, Ji’nan Technology Center was officially founded;
    In December, our company successfully passed the authentication of CMMI3;
    In December, Wuhan KQ GEO Instruments Co., Ltd. was officially founded, which indicated our company’s stepping into GNSS field.
  • 2012

    In October, KQ Land Contract Management Information System, became the first group of County-level Rural Land Contract Management Information System that passed the evaluation held by Ministry of Agriculture, the People’s Republic of China.
  • 2011

    In March, our company passed the authentication of Beijing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology as Technology Center;
    In May, Hefei Technology Center was established, which showed our company has entered the government informatization market in Yangtze River Delta region;
    In September, the General Manager of KQ GEO, Mr. Xu Wenzhong accompanied the Director of National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation, Mr. Xu Deming to visit Philippines and Indonesia;
    In October, KQ GEO’s project of Second Land Survey Provincial Database and Management System in Hubei won the gold medal of 2011 Chinas Geographic Information Outstanding Engineering Award;
    In December, KQ GEO Building was fully completed and our company successfully held the 10th anniversary celebration and invited Mr Xu Deming, the Director of National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation inaugurated KQ GEO Beijing Technical Center.
  • 2010

    In September, our company attended the INTERGEO exhibition in Cologne, Germany for the first time; the Director of National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation, Mr Xu Deming showed up at KQ GEOs exhibition booth and listened to the introduction about products.
    In October, our company took part in the GSDI exhibition in Singapore;
    In November, KQ Forest Resources Management Information System won the gold medal of Chinas Private Enterprise Science and Technology Innovation Award.
  • 2009

    KQ GEO surpassed the revenue milestone of 100 million RMB for the first time in software products sales, which indicated that our company has become one of the mainstream GIS software suppliers;
    In February, our company obtained the Qualification Certificate III in Computer Information System Integration Enterprise;
    In July, KQ GEO Building successfully laid the foundation;
    In July, the Premier, Mr Li Keqiang was present at KQ GEO’s exhibition booth in the National Geographic Information Application Outcome and Map Exhibition, which evoked a strong repercussion within the industry.
    In July, our company won the Class-B Qualification of Land Planning issued by Beijing Land Science Society;
    In September, Wuhan Technology Center was settled in Optics Valley Software Park.
  • 2008

    In May, during the“ Database Management Software Assessment” of the Second National Land Survey, KQ GEO was the only participated enterprise whose two platforms (ArcGIS、KQGIS) and four software (urban version and rural version) have passed the authentication. Since then, our company has risen to the largest software supplier in the field of land and resources informatization with over 40 percent market share.
  • 2007

    In September, our company won the first prize in “National Land Management Software Assessment”.
    In December, KQ Urban Cadastral and Land Use Management Information Software had an excellent performance and received high praise in the Chinese Spatial Information System Software Assessment.
  • 2006

    In May, Wuhan Technology Center was established, which further enhanced the research and development power of the company;
    In December, our company won the “Certificate of Software Enterprise” issued by Beijing Municipal Commission of Science and Technology.
  • 2005

    In February, our company won the “Class-A Qualification of Surveying and Mapping” issued by National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geo-information and became one of the first Chinese private enterprises that had class-A qualification of surveying and mapping, which demonstrated our company has entered an era of rapid development.
  • 2004

    In September, our company passed ISO9001: 2000 Quality Management System Certification, which indicates our company’s management went up into higher level;
    In November, our company won the “Qualification of Innovation Company” issued by Beijing Municipal Commission of Science and Technology.
    In December, our company first introduced 3D Information System into city management, and the project - Beijing Economic and technological Development Zone 3D City Management Information System undertaken by KQ GEO Technologies Co., Ltd. won the second prize of Beijing Science and Technology Progress.
  • 2003

    In May, our company officially launched “KQ Underground Pipeline Management Information System V1.0”;
    In November, our company won the “Class B Surveying Qualification Certificate”.
  • 2002

    In February, Beijing Software Research and Development Department was established, which officially started Geographic Information System research and development.
    In August, our company undertook the first project of underground pipeline (Tongzhou District) survey and information system construction in Beijing and successfully applied informatization into underground pipeline management.
  • 2001

    In May, KQ GEO Technologies Co., Ltd was founded. Our company was one of the first private surveying and mapping enterprises obtaining “Class-C Surveying Qualification Certificate”, planning and supervising surveying qualifications and real estate surveying qualifications; for the first time, our company successfully introduced the digital cadastral survey technology into the urban cadastral survey in Beijing city, which greatly promoted urban cadastral informatization management of Beijing.
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