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KQ Land Name Survey Software

  Based on self-developed KQ GIS Platform, KQ Land Name Survey Software is designed in accordance with related criteria, regulations and procedures in land name survey. Combined with modern information technologies such as 3S technology and mobile technology, it includes a series of software which covers the whole content of the Second National Land Name Survey.Software for indoor work includes KQ Land Name Survey Database Management Software (County-Level) and KQ Land Name Survey Management Software (Provincial & Municipal Level). Fieldwork software includes KQ Land Name Survey and Data Collection Software (including KQ multi-functional data collection terminal).


1.Many-to-many Relation Management
  Convenient management for many-to-many relations between space and attribute of land names.

2.Integration of Fieldwork Collection and Indoor Database Management 
  Integration of Fieldwork Collection and Indoor Database Management; unified data exchanging pattern; quick completion of data import and export.

3.Various Data Collection Patterns
  Various data collection patterns; convenient, fast and precise land name collection.

4.Classified Management
  Classified management of attribute data and multimedia materials; fast query and position locating.
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