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KQ “Internet + Agriculture” Integrated Management

  The proposal of the concept of “Internet +” provides new ideas and directions for agricultural informatization development. KQ “Internet + Agriculture” Integrated Management Platform is independently developed by KQ GEO Technologies Co., Ltd. with the new concept of “Internet +” and government’s actual needs towards agricultural management. It is divided into three systems consisting of over 20 sub-systems. And all of them are based on the uniform standard of structured data management and presented with GIS platform to implement the integration of management, production and service.

1. Agricultural Integrated Supervision Management

●   Agricultural Command and Dispatch System  
●   Environmental Pollution Analysis System 
●   Rural Integrated Property Right Trading System 
●   Agricultural Input Product Management System 
●   Agricultural Integrated Law Enforcement System
●   Project Reporting and Management System
●   Agricultural Product Quality Safety Management System

2. Agricultural Production Management

●   Internet of Things System of Planting
●   Internet of Things System of Stockbreeding
●   Internet of Things System of Fishery
●   Internet of Things System of Forestry
●   Internet of Things System of Agricultural Machinery
●   Internet of Things System of Leisure Agriculture

3. Agricultural Integrated Service Platform

●   Agricultural Integrated Service System(12316)
●   Crops Remote Diagnosis System
●   Soil Testing and Fertilizing Geological Information System
●   Agricultural Product E-commerce Service System
●   Village-level Integrated Service Information System

  KQ “Internet + Agriculture” Command Center Platform System is dominated by command technology and information technology. It makes good use of advanced technology such as modern communication technology, network technology, automatic technology and electronic monitoring etc., to build a modernized, networked and intelligent command and decision-making platform. The system takes the integrated monitoring of agricultural GIS data transition, management of agricultural bureau towards “Capital, Property, Resource”, agricultural product quality safety, law enforcement, environment monitoring, project management, agricultural information, and e-commerce, etc. as a bond, computer information system as a supportive method, and video conference as a supplementary means, and  integrates multiple functions like data processing, audio, video, computer network, picture monitoring and supervision alarm, etc.

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