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KQ Rural Land Contract Management Rights Platform

  KQ Rural Land Contract Management Rights Platform carries out management work around rural land contract rights. Based on the GIS technology, workflow technology, and the distributive application framework, the platform builds systems such as Land Contract Field Survey and Mapping System, Land Contract Database Management System, Rural Land Contract Business Management System, Rural Land Contract Management Right Transfer Platform. This implements of database management of rural land contract and management rights realizes the management of rural contracted land survey data, contract, management rights registration, contract record of management rights transfer, dispute arbitration and conducts the online transaction of rural land contract rights.

  KQ GEO is one of the six companies that pass the evaluation of “County-level Rural Land Contract Management Information System Software” by the Ministry of Agriculture of P. R. China. And our company is the only one which uses self-developed GIS platform.

1. KQ Land Contract Field Survey and Mapping System

  KQ Land Contract Field Survey and Mapping System is the software that independently developed and designed for the survey of land contract. Taking GIS software platform of Land Contract Field survey and mapping software,based on self-developed mobile GIS platform, is applicable for KQGEO N8S tablet, the system provides functions including land contract projects management, map resources management, contractor management, owner management, contract land digitizing, ownership survey and results exchange, which provides a complete solution for the field survey of land contract management rights, and offers support for database construction of land contract management rights survey.

2. KQ Land Contract Database building System

  The system provides users with optional database building software based on ARCGIS or KQGIS platform. On the basis of rural land contract survey results, it provides users with functions including digitizing and transformation, spatial and ownership data organization, receiving and conversion, check and processing, database maintenance, maps, one-key output of tables, and data update, therefore completes the construction of rural contracted land management rights database.

3. KQ Land Contract Business Management System

  Based on business platform developed by KQ GEO, the system has comprehensive functions such as land survey data management, registration management, graphics-accompanied examination and approval, certificate management, transfer management, dispute management, query and statistics, historical data tracing and archiving, and data reporting, thus implements informatized management of rural land contract management rights.

4. KQ Land Contract Transfer Platform 

On the basis of land contract management, the platform can timely release supply and demand information of rural land contract management rights transfer, and manage rural contracted land transfer transaction. It offers information query and validation within the scope of law and administrative efficiency supervision in the process of transition and examination.

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