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Forest Pests Prevention System

Forest Pests Prevention System is mainly used for spatial management of forest pests, and search, retrieval, statistics and output for working staff on the basis of GIS visual technology. Relying on network resources, the system achieves the integration of daily work and command control, including telephone calls, SMS, network faxes, document management and log management etc. Depending on multi-lateral phone conferencing and video conferencing technologies, it achieves remote diagnostic functions, which ultimately constructs a comprehensive system involving forest pest monitoring, management, prevention and prediction, and remote diagnosis and consultation. 
Main functions:

1) Diseases and Pests Prediction

To predict diseases and pests that may occur (e.g. the occurrence periods, occurrence quantities, and occurrence areas) in the future in accordance with current forest conditions and meteorological information. 

2) Remote Diagnosis

To conduct the remote diagnosis of diseases and pests through the system and hold the expert online consultation.

3) Pest Data Analysis

To support spatial and attribute analyses of pest data

2. Product Features:

1) To improve disease and pest prevention efficiency through remote diagnosis and expert online consultation.  
Efficient prediction analysis and algorithm; model analysis and prediction based on historical data, thus realizes prediction monitoring and helps decision-making on forest pest prevention.  

2) To achieve 2D-and-3D-integratedforest pest area on the foundation of WebGIS and 3D virtual display technology.
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