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KQ Forest Three Preventions (Fire Prevention)

By utilizing Internet of Things, mobile communications and other advanced technologies, KQ Forest “Three Preventions” (Fire Prevention, Pests Prevention, and Theft Prevention)Intelligent Management and Control System creates an all-over monitoring system which covers remote video monitoring, forest environmental monitoring, field handheld terminal monitoring, and UAV aerial monitoring. Combined with intelligent monitoring and warning platform, the system achieved all-around forest “Three Preventions” intelligent monitoring, warning and controlling system, and accomplishes the functions like automatic identification and fire alarm, firefighting auxiliary analysis, forest pest forecasting, and forest theft monitoring. Therefore, it maximally eliminates forest fires and pests, protects wild animals and prevents illegal logging. Besides, the system will promote the reform of forest management and protection from artificial prevention to technical prevention, which will improve protection efficiency and safeguard forest resources.

1. System Function:

1) Multi-terminal Information Collection
To collect information through UAV, video supervision, mobile handheld terminal, weather stations, etc.

2) Intelligent Fire Identification
To automatically detect and identify video information collected by front camera; inform duty personnel of fire in the first place through sound and light alarm.

3) Fire Point Analysis

To automatically analyze related facilities, relief supplies, rescue forces and fire hazard situation around fire locations, which provides references for forest firefighting. 

4) Fire Spreading Analysis

To analyze fire spreading situation based on meteorological factors, vegetation and fuel, terrain and landform and barriers etc. to speculate the development of forest fire.

5) Loss Evaluation

To automatically calculate fire losses by integrating forest resources data.


6) Illegal Logging Monitoring

To monitor the forest exit, automatically identify and record vehicles so as to reduce illegal logging or smuggling in forest.

7) Fire Plotting

To quickly conduct statistics plotting of fire information, produce various fire situation maps and fire analysis charts.

2. Features:

1)To automatically identify fire; reduce workload of fireproof personnel; improve forest monitoring efficiency.

2)To analyze the fire locations surroundings, fire spreading trend and rescue route, which helps decision-making.  

3)To generate various kinds of fire situation maps and fire analysis charts etc., which can be saved for future reference and statistical analysis.
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