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KQ Forestry Resources Integrated Management

KQ Forest Resources Integrated Management Platform combines forest resources data collection, data management, data update, data statistics analysis and application, which conducts comprehensive monitoring on forest resources with GIS technology. The platform monitors information forest resources and the time changing characteristics of related factors so as to provide decision-making foundation for scientific forestation, forest resources investigation, forest resources protection, and forest fire prevention. 

1. System Functions:

1) Data Editing
It provides graphics and attribute editing functions for forest resources data, and batch automatic mapping and transformation of attribute data. 

2) Data Checking
It has graphics topological checking and attribute logic checking of forest resources data.

3) Data Updating
The forest resources data can be incrementally updated, and update process will be recorded. Data of all levels can be checked.

4) Browsing and Querying
The system provides browsing functions like zoom in, zoom out, pan and querying functions including graphics and attribute query.


5) Comprehensive Analysis
Integrated data analyses including overlaying analysis, buffer analysis, and variation detection analysis, etc.

6) Statistics Report
Users can conduct one-click statistics for s standard reports and customize reports as well.

7) Thematic Mapping
Rapid mapping of standard thematic map can be operated according to the administrative area and the custom area. Mapping template can be customized.

2. Feature:

1) To provide a variety of graphics checking functions such as coincident point, overlaid edge, suspended chain, hole etc.

2) To provide custom logical rules; users can customize attribute logical check on the basis of their actual needs. 

3) To provide quick production of standardized thematic maps and fast statistics functions for standard report of forest resources, and functions of custom thematic maps and statistics. 
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