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KQ Forestry Public Platform

KQ Forestry Public Platform, based on KQGIS and ARCGIS, is an integrated management’s platform of forestry information resources, data sharing and unified application. The whole platform is comprised of SSO Portal, Data Management Subsystem, Information Service Subsystem, Information Display Subsystem, Data Exchange Subsystem and Operation and Maintenance subsystem. The public basic platform realizes data sharing and exchange, integration of various forestry resources, and unified management of forestry information in all kinds of application system.

1.System functions:

1) SSO(Single Sign-on) Portal
It is the only entrance for users from intranet portal to access the platform. After login, users can access to the system functions and information within accessing authority, or form a personalized application interface based on the users'preference, thus customize structure, style, layout, etc. of portal interface.

2) Data Management Subsystem

Data Management Subsystem is applicable for quick browse and massive spatial data display. It can manage and maintain all kinds of thematic geographic information data so as to achieve storage, update, release and management of spatial resources. 

3) Information Service Subsystem

On the basis of all data and functions, Information Service Subsystem provides various services which meet the requirements of OGC and help the forestry departments build business systems. 

4) Information Display Subsystem

It is used for intuitive display and query, statistics, analysis and map annotation of information resources, which helps users to understand and use data resources.


5) Data Exchange Subsystem

Data Exchange Subsystem is designed for data exchange among forestry departments at all levels within the platform and also external data exchange, which enables authorized users to search, use, send and receive platform data resources. 

6) Operation and Maintenance Subsystem

Operation and Maintenance System is used for the unified management and operation and maintenance of relevant content, management of user rights, approval and process for the business of the platform, real-time monitoring on services, operation and other aspects of the platform, key information recording of the system operation and emergency warning and processing.

2. Features:

1) Seamless Integration of Multi-theme System.

All the subsystems implement integrated management through a unified portal; authorized users can login all subsystems in the same platform with one set of account and password.

2) Reliable Safety Control Mechanism

Digital Certificate: equivalent to the online ID card, which is a record of the users’real identity information data issued by the authoritative third party Certification Center (CA) with national qualification. It can realize various functions such as identity authentication, information encryption, digital signature, etc.

Single Sign-on (SSO): All systems and user rights conduct unified settings and login through the intranet portal, to achieve one-key login scheme. Operation and maintenance management subsystem controls the rights of all users and the security of the entire system.
SOA-based Map Release Service

Releasing map services through SOA technology. Clients can access data based on the released map services, which avoids direct interaction with the database, and enhances data security.
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