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KQ “All Regulations in One” Business Platform

Based on unified standards and regulations and on the basis of “All Regulations in One” and “One Map” database, KQ “All Regulations in One” Business Platform efficiently promotes the spatial planning system, organically arranges the planning of every layer and industry and basic geographic information, project examination and approval information as well as land use status information etc. The platform adopts the management patterns such as uniform structure and concentrated sharing to establish an “All Regulation in One” business platform with basic data sharing, real-time supervision management, coordinated approval process, statistics assessment analysis, decision-making consulting services, dynamic update mechanism and information sharing.

System Functions:

1.Outcome Quality Checking Subsystem

Outcome Quality Checking Subsystem is consisted of all-item checking, itemized checking, thematic checking etc. to make sure that the “Multi-regulations” compiling data outcomes applied by the planning compiling units meet the requirements of regulated data standards and technical guidance.

2.Outcome Data Management Subsystem
The functions include “All Regulations in One” outcome map browsing, data management, historical data management, data update, query and statistics, spatial analysis, map output, security management etc.

3.Auxiliary Decision-making Supportive Subsystem
The functions include: Planning information query, planning outcome checking, auxiliary decision-making, project site selection aid, statistics reports, service interface, printout, dynamic publishing etc.

4.Intelligent Conflict Detection Subsystem
The functions include conflict detection regulation management of “Multi-regulation” data; intelligent conflict detection of “Multi-regulation” data, control line detection, mining resources exploiting time sequence detection etc. The subsystem can timely discover land use conflict and put forward preliminary solutions.

5.Data Sharing and Exchanging Subsystem
The functions include: sharing and exchanging management of “All Regulations in One” outcome data; data exhibition, data resources catalog management, thematic subjects and layers application management, data sharing management, service center management, operation maintenance management, material management, printout, data sharing and interchange of interface etc.
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