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KQ Land Price Management System

The system covers five land price systems: land price evaluation, land transaction price, demarcated land price, dynamic inspection and standard land price. The system is an intuitional, effective, convenient and precise auxiliary tool for urban land price management and provides a powerful informationized method for daily management.

System Features:
  • Comprehensive land price management: the system integrated land price evaluation, land transaction price, standard land price, demarcated land price management, and dynamic inspection of land price.
  • Clear and lucid data structure: the system can conduct tiered storage in terms of different kinds of business for the convenience of conducting corresponding operation for different kinds of business.
  • Convenient and fast query: the system provides inter-query map attribute, map query locating etc.
  • Convenient print: the system can provide convenient tools for demarcated land price based on business features.
  • Convenient land price management: the system can load the data from Excel documents for making full use of existing land price information; the system can also export its land price information for users.
  • Historical data correlation: the system can provide historical data correlation during inputting the land price evaluation points; the system can find a certain report by number fields and correlate with related information, which offers convenience for users’ daily work.
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