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  • 2904 16

    Private Sector Welcomed to Invest in Farmland

    The State Council, Chinas cabinet, is looking to the private sector to help modernize the countrys irrigation facilities, according to a regulation published Thursday. Together, government funds and private investment will support the development ……

  • 2904 16

    State Council Plan to Fight Soil Pollution

    The State Council, Chinas Cabinet, announced an action plan to combat soil pollution on Tuesday. The plan urged relevant departments, including Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Land and Resources and Minis ……

  • 2904 16

    Big Data

    Industry leaders and government organizations such as Pengurusan Asset Air Berhad (PAAB) are now turning to advanced smart mapping technology to achieve the greatest benefit from their infrastructure. The use of spatial technology is gaining momentum ……

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