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    A professional and worldwide Surveying and Mapping Geographic Information Conference---Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia Conference: 18th International Surveyors’ Congress 2016---was held in Kuala Lumpur Convention Center from May 12th to 14th, 2016. This exhibition, taking “The Application of Geographic Information Data in National Economy” as the theme, was hosted by the Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia. The Malaysian officials present included the Vice Minister of Malaysian Natural Resources Department and the Sudan of Selangor, Malaysia.

    KQ GEO Technologies Co., Ltd was invited to attend this grand exhibition. During this three-day exhibition, KQ GEO showed up with self-developed geospatial software and hardware, which drew vast attention from experts and the press. Meanwhile, many government officials also took part in looking for the best solutions and suppliers for the hardware and software sharing platform construction of their departments.

    On May 12th, representatives from KQ GEO demonstrated the technologies and features of our products in surveying and mapping field. The exhibited hardware involved: P8 and N8s tablet and the software included: KQGIS Desktop, KQGIS Server, KQGIS Mobile, USeeMosaic and KGO Post-processing Software of P8. Taking “Higher efficiency, better performance” as the theme, KQ GEO took full advantage of this exhibition to communicate and discuss with experts and high-ranked government officials presented, which greatly promoted the company’s brand image and reputation. Meanwhile, with this opportunity, we got a deeper understanding about our peer companies so as to better improve our product structure and give full scope to our advantages.
    On May 13th, General Managerof KQ GEO Technologies, Co., Ltd., Mr. Xu Wenzhong, and staffs from International Business Department attended the seminar hosted by Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia. During the seminar, Mr. Xu Wenzhong gave a report on “The Application of Geographic Spatial Data in Land and Resources”, focusing on real estate, land planning and land law enforcement on the basis of deep understanding in current situations and future development of land management. Besides, Mr. Xu Wenzhong also put forward his prospect on the development trend of GIS software in the future. His wonderful speech showed KQ GEO’s strong R&D capacity and the working spirits of every employee.

    On May 14th, professional surveyors from all around the globe gathered in the grand Banquet organized by Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia and shared what they have seen and learned. Sudan of Selangor, Malaysia attended and presented the Outstanding Surveyor Award to the prizewinner in person. The awards included: Outstanding Award and Lifetime Achievement Award. It would be the biggest honor for a surveyor to won a prize in this exhibition.

    Surveying and Mapping work is a very important part of national economy and social development and it is also the foundation of the realization of sustainable development. The Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia Conference offers us a great opportunity to not only promote global impact but also expand our international market in Southeast Asia.
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