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     1).Flight Timeline
    On June 6th, 2016, KQ technical supports received a call from a Wuhan UAV company. They were told that there was an urgent flight task and the company had to get the result right after the flight finished. Client’ company wanted to install the “KQ Magical UAV Mate” on their UAV by knowing that it is able to reduce up to 90% ground control points and the post-processing software can conduct a super high-efficiency mosaic work and the resolution of the result reaches up to 1:500.
    14:00: KQ technical supports arrived at the spot. Within 10 minutes, they finished all the preliminaries such as the installation of “KQ Magical UAV Mate”, the setting of the base station, diverse checking works, etc.;
    14:20: Sent the UAV to the sky;
    16:00: Flight task successfully finished! KQ Magical UAV Mate sent the data back;
    16:15: KQ technical supports presented the flight result to the client’ company. Mission accomplished!

     2).KQ Magical UAV Mate Has Received Numerous Compliments

     KQ GEO not only gets orders keep coming in but also innumerable praise.
    The moment our clients got the result, they were so surprised that cannot help saying:
    “I cannot believe that this device can be deployed in such a small place!”
    “I cannot believe that this device can be so light that it almost put no weight on the UAV!”
    “I cannot believe that we no longer need to set control points with this device!”
    “I cannot believe that the image result of 1:500 can be mosaicked only in a few minutes!”

     Demonstration of Test Flight Images:
     Installation time: 10 minutes→Aerial photography range: 6.5 km2→Photo number: 650→Reduced ground control points: 15→UseeMosaic only needs 5 minutes to finish the job that takes 1 hour by a Swiss-made mosaic software→ Resolution of result: 1:500

    Here is the point!
    Fixed rate reached up to 99.82%
    This makes me so proud!

    Mosaic Result Thumbnail:
    Cross Road with Many Cameras
    Great parking skill!
    Picture is the best way to tell the truth

    3).What Is the “KQ Magical UAV Mate”?
     This “KQ Magical UAV Mate” actually is the integration of KQ GNSS auxiliary aerial triangle measurement device-P8, mosaic software---USeeMosaic and high-accuracy aerial photogrammetry calculation software---KGO. This integration is the only complete UAV high-accuracy positioning and mapping solution in China, which can greatly enhance working efficiency and decrease production cost.

    On the foundation of decades’ industry experience on Land Resources, Survey and Mapping and GNSS, the “KQ Magical UAV Mate” is developed by adopting software and hardware integrated method and GNSS Auxiliary Aerial Triangulation Measurement Technology to increase the working efficiency and accuracy of UAV photography by solving the following problems:
    1. A large number of ground control points need to be set when UAV performs field tasks;
    2. Technical problems of automatic aerial photography data processing.
  4).Advantages of P8:
    1. Super light:
    Main unit weight: 140g;
    Size: 103mm x 68mm x 30mm;
    Antenna weight: 25g
    2. No installation condition limit:
    Applicable for plastics foam fixed wing electric UAV, fixed wing motor UAV and multi-rotors electric UAV.
    3. Applicable for various kinds of general flight control.
    4.Able to receive all GNSS satellites system.
    5. Able to generate higher accuracy results:
    Support GPS+GLONASS+BDS calculations which improves data quality and resolution; differential calculations can simultaneously support Kinematic (Stop and Go) and PPP calculations so as to reduce 80% ground control points.
    5).Advantages of UseeMosaic:
    Smart Mosaic: highly independent
    1. Green software: no need to install; able to operate after copy and paste;
    2. No special requirement for system hardware: mosaic can be done even without hardware acceleration;
    3. No special requirement for data source: Mosaic can be done with original images;
    4. pos. format and camera parameter can be identified automatically;
    5. Automatic terrain identification; effective filtration on urban area so as to avoid house twist;
    6. Automatic hue filtration and adjustment.
    6).Smart Mosaic: Powerful Functions
    1. With hardware acceleration, over a thousand UAV images can be processed per hour;
    2. Applicable for mixed survey zones from different cameras with different focal lengths;
    3. One-key batch processing of multiple survey zones.

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